Orlando Arabian Horse Club
Orlando Arabian Horse Club


To create the Arab horse, God spoke to the south wind: "I will create from you a being which will be a happiness to the good and a misfortune to the bad.  Happiness shall be on it's forehead, bounty on it's back and joy in the possessor."


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are being forced to re-schedule our Disney outing for 2020 to a later date!

Please call our host resort (Westgate, down off of I Drive) and re-book any of their Orlando hotels available for a date past September, as this is the only thing we can think to do right now. If you have any questions, see our contacts below.



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"The objects and purposes of the Orlando Arabian Horse Club (OAHC) summarized are as follows:
Be cognizant of the importance of promoting the purebred Arabian horse at all times during the performance of activities furthering Arabian Horse Association’s object and purposes.
Foster and encourage good relations between OAHC and other organizations, especially and specifically between OAHC and other Arabian Horse Clubs and Arabian Horse Association of America.
Horse in ringTo aid and encourage the breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of the purebred Arabian horse as well as that of the Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian Horses in open events, activities and multiple disciplines including recreation.
Formulate publicly and educational programs and other activities in the interest of the Arabian horse owners, Arabian horse organizations, Member organizations and enthusiasts.
Aid promote and foster the preservation and use of purebred Arabian Horses and the Arabian breed and to engage in all activities and undertakings incidental to or designated to further promote this objective
Promote, foster and stimulate popular interest in the outstanding qualities of the Arabian horse.
To do all of the above primarily within 100 mile radius of Orlando, FL but to also encourage and support OAHC Members at Arabian Horse events, shows, activities that are outside of this boundary including Regional competitions, Youth and National competitions."

Officers: Contact
Lori Heckle  Hecklelori@aol.com - Show Office Manager -
313 Aulin Ave. Suite 500, Oviedo, FL  32765   FAX 407-977-8847 or email hecklelori@aol.com   Lori’s phone 321-231-1221
Fonda Loughery - fonda6726@yahoo.com

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